The Journey or                      
​(what we call this life)
We are all born into this world, we did not ask for it...we are all born into different circumstances, but we have the same situations. We all learn pretty quickly, how to depend on ourselves. "You can do it", was an early slogan drummed into us. we learned to look to ourselves for the answers. We went to school, made friends, learned more about this life, got our first disappointments. We learned that life isn't fair and hated it. We may have rebelled, did our thing, tried to be different, but really we were all the same on the inside. Sooner or later we all joined the "rat race", followed the crowd, joined in the search and chase of the "american dream" or our own. And we all got hugely 
​disappointed; either by not getting that dream or by finding out all that stuff didn't satisfy anyway. And we settled into routines and  wondered; "is there all there is to it." Also some of us got caught up worse and worse in all kinds of troubles, which hurt us, our families, our friends...we found out that people didn't care about us like we thought, that most were liars and cheaters and that we ourselves were just that also. We learned to lie and belief our own lies, to be selfish, me first and maybe you later, to use others for our own benefit and generally ended up miserable. But somehow we always found new strength for our ways or some one to blame for our troubles. And if we couldn't find anyone to blame, then we blamed the system or maybe even our creator. No, it never was our fault, our responsibility. We kept telling ourselves, "it will get better, i just know it". Sometimes things went our way, but mostly we found life to be a slippery down hill slide..... We got more and more alone, but learned to accept it.
As we got older we got hardened into our way, we became the very person we said we would never become when we were still young. And many die that way. Go to their death not realizing or ignoring that there is is an alternative...​
Stop, it doesn't have to end this way...
Is God calling you? Do you believe in God and Jesus Christ?
If God is calling you, come to him, without delay, Just as you are.  TODAY
​He is calling you to follow Him, to take refuge in Him. He has a plan of escape​. Don't worry about anything, God is able to do far more abundantly than all we can ask or think. TRUST IN HIM
He said; I will never fail you or forsake you. Andking david said; God is a very pleasant help in time of trouble.
God through Jesus Christ has many gifts to bestow on you! You can be his adopted son or daughter, wow, isn't that good news?
​You can be the King of Kings kid!!​