The Grace Meeting of 1989

This is condensed by Bernard Epp from notes that were transcribed from Meeting-tapes by Mike Montoya. The purpose being, for anyone to see and be reminded that God's Grace is actually the basis of our salvation and to be reminded as to what was really said at the grace meeting and also to be able to understand how many, if any of the things that were supposed to change after the Grace meeting actually changed. Either way, it is absolutely true that God’s Grace is the basis of our salvation!
I organized the notes into 4 sections;
1. Grace  2. Grace, Faith and Spirit   3.Faith  4. Cobu
(I’m not following the time line)

By Grace you are saved through Faith, never by Faith (Ephesians 2:8+9)
We’re saved by Grace and kept by Grace
Grace is the chain that connects everything to Jesus
Grace is meant to be the framework, format
Receiving Grace with thanksgiving is almost the basis of Christian life
God’s view is that salvation is over and done with; otherwise Grace would no longer be Grace
Jesus Christ is the foundation, but the next thing is Grace
Our fellowship must be in Grace
What does it mean; my Grace is sufficient for you? That means you get all the Grace you need
He gives more Grace to the humble
Grace says that our salvation is already finished and that it’s all over, we already have it, there is nothing left, nothing to work for, Jesus said; it is finished
Grace gives us the chance to take advantage; there is no way around that
Grace is the key to the right approach, the right balance
Free is a Grace word, we were set free by Grace, for freedom Christ has set us free
Part of what Grace is; Christ making a way for us
Grace is something like a gift basis
There is no relying on Jesus apart from his Grace
Many scriptures; Grace is given to us, Grace is received by us
We react in thankfulness, that’s our response
It’s in the view of Grace that everything starts to make sense
All works have to be the result of thankfulness for his Grace, not trying to earn something
Without Grace as the foundation on Jesus Christ, there is no framework
Ask each other; how is your relationship with Jesus? Is it based on his grace? Our fellowship must be in Grace

Grace, Faith and his Spirit
Grace, Faith and Spirit; all of them are important and they have to be in the right balance
Grace is first and Faith is second
The truth is; we must be led by his Spirit to walk by Faith in his saving Grace
Grace is the basis, but Faith is how we operate

It isn’t how faithful you are, or how well you use your Faith, what’s most important is whether you have Faith or not
We were assigned a measure of Faith, each of us, long ago, his chosen ones
His sheep hear his voice, they react to his call by Faith
Not all men have Faith, his chosen do
When you hear the gospel, you respond to it by Faith, therefore beginning to prove who you are…it did not meet with faith in the hearers
We are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but of Faith
If you have Faith in him, that is proof that you have been justified
It is the fact that we have Faith that is the good news, because that is proof that we are his

Church of bible understanding

STEWART; it is clear that God has decided that it is time for you to transfer your allegiance, it that’s the right word, from Stewart's spirit to God’s Spirit
There are deeply ingrained ideas and feelings running wild in our fellowship, many of them directly or indirectly can be traced to my error
We have come to depend on Faith instead of Jesus; it’s up to you and your Faith
Faith in his love, but it’s up to you somehow
STEWART said; I was not rightly strengthening the brothers, it’s up to you, you got to be faithful
There isn't any strengthening the brothers the real way, strengthening the brothers in Faith that they are God’s chosen, first and foremost. I’m not doing that, instead I’m building up with one hand and tearing down with the other
How can you rely on Jesus with some sort of “it’s up to me” feeling, you can’t
Everything is sort of disconnected in a strange feeling kind of way and every week it’s a new direction, a new teaching
And therefore there is no confidence
STEWART said, As it is written; how come they never marry around here? For that alone I repent
Marriage itself is nothing but the Grace of God
STEWART asked; Why don’t the brothers have confidence? It is because of their impossible task, all these ills from the brothers at least are made worse by me, every one of them!
When, where and how did we become a church, if we ever did. We have to redo everything, from the bottom up
What is the use of all these lessons? These lessons accomplish nothing!
STEWART said; it is my fervent spirit that is doing everything, you’re not listening to the lessons. You do as I do!
Stewart says don’t smoke, but he smokes. Therefore, what do you do? SMOKE
STEWART said; it started out as Jesus showing you things through me, but then what did it turn into? STEWART TOLD US, STEWART SAID….
You know something we got to start? Bible studies, as we had at the beginning! GAYLE says; we would all fellowship together in trying to understand God’s will and not assume that STEWART knows everything
Bob Whipple; we were all involved, it wasn't always brother Stewart, we were all giving our opinions, what we thought it meant and everything and you know Jesus was using all of us together