"Haiti Development Projects"
You can give a man a FISH, or you can teach a man how to FISH!
(You can give a person a rabbit for food, or you can teach a person to breed rabbits and he will have alot of rabbits to eat, sell and do things with!)​
In general there are two kinds of "projects".s
 1. Emergency help projects and 2. Development projects​
In very general terms; emergency help projects are feeding people, providing emergency medical/ or maybe financial help. In dire situations that is needed, you cannot give "development help" to a starving person or a sick person, but what has happened a lot of times is that free food, free help has turned the recipients into expecting "free stuff" and even becoming "dependent" on them. For example; USAID fed everyone in the Northwest of Haiti, which is the poorest part of Haiti, and after 30 years in general no one was any better off.....(now USAID has switched to more "development projects" and less just feeding everyone)
Both are needed but if we don't move towards development projects we are just creating people and situations that are "dependents". Our projects are all in the #2 category of Development projects!
Our "Development Projects"
Currently we have two projects in development/starting up phase;
(at this time our projects are concentrating on rural areas, not city areas) Both are "Rabbit Breeding Projects". #1 for individuals, #2 in a group/community setting. ​I'll present both models to you now; (This is for Rabbit breeding now, but it can easily be applied to other animals like; Goats, pigs, chicken or cows) We are starting with Rabbits because Rabbits are inexpensive, multiply very fast and food for them is easy to come by.
#1 Rabbit breeding project for individuals
Provide a person with 3 Rabbits, 2 female and 1 male. They will provide the rabbit enclosures and promise to take good care of them. Rabbits can have babies every 30 days; so in a conservative estimate, the participant should have 20-35 Rabbits after 6-8 months. Now they can use those rabbits for food for themselves, or they may sell them for a profit.  After 6-8 months that person will give us back 4 Rabbits.
(and we in turn can use those 4 rabbits to give to someone else and start the development project with another person)
The cost of this "development project" for each individual participant is;           
US $ 20.00
#2 Rabbit breeding projects in group setting
(This is for either 5 or 10 participants, we are currently looking for 5 participants and will choose them shortly)
We have 3 Haitian men watching over this projects in Haiti; Abner, Ronelson & Marco
We will provide 2 female rabbits and 1 male buck rabbit to our participant. The five participants will provide the rabbit cages and promise to take good care of the rabbits. After 6-8 months they should have between 20-35 rabbits. After 6-8 months they will give back 4 rabbits to us which we can use to start the program again with 5 other participants.
The cost of this project is;                           for 5; approximately US $ 90.00
for 10;  approximately US $ 180.00
These are "loan projects". Call them "STARTER Projects"! Giving them the "tools" to start and they eventually return what was given and we can use it to start more projects.
We hope to duplicate the Rabbit project using Goats, pigs or young cows...
For example we give them 2 female goats (60-100 dollars​ for two) and they would return 2 goats when their goats had kids and after that the 2 goats are theirs. Or we could do piglets (50 dollars each) but I think with pigs we will have to make sure that they have a way to provide food for them. A young female cow may be about $100.
For these future projects we will have to raise some funds, but once we get going we will be able to continue because the invested money will come back and will be able to be reinvested.

As of 11/28/2019 we have started with one young man in Despinasse in Haiti. We supplied him with the money for 2 female rabbits and 1 male rabbit. He is thankful and agreed to give us back 4 rabbits in 6-8 months. (update as of 01/20 both female rabbits have had a litter, total of 12 baby rabbits)
We have picked 5 participants in the community of Calebasse in Haiti for the rabbit breeding project that Abner/Ronelson/Marco are watching over and we are in the process of acquiring the rabbits for them and given them to the 5 Participants​. 12/7&8 the first three received 2 females and one male rabbit and on 12/17 the other two received the 3 rabbits.
Now at the end of January we are looking for 5 more we can give 3 rabbits to.