Zoom Meetings;
For anyone who attended the Young Sheep Training Center 1981-1985
These monthly Zoom meetings are for those of us who were part of the the church of bible understanding's YSH house in Brooklyn NY. (1981-1985) Here we can reconnect with each other and share our experiences past and present. We can help each other to recover from some of the bad experiences we had there and remember the good experiences and what Jesus did for us while there. It is my desire to make sure that each of us realize that the Jesus we learned there, that's not the way he really is. You are invited to join us, you are welcome to come look in, listen in or even share of yourself with us and to be accepted for who and what you really are. We are connected to each other for life just like military veterans have a connection with each other. We have experienced things together and experienced Jesus in ways no one else has. I think all of us agree that the best thing from those days is that we met each other and many brothers and sisters who love Jesus Christ!
Zoom Meeting participants;
First zoom meeting; (8)
1. Paul Peterson, 2. Bernie Epp, 3. Aaron Trudgeon, 4. Robert Hardy, 5. Owen Camp, 6. Prince Milam,
​7. Steve Greene, 8. Kevin Brown​
Second zoom meeting; (15)
1. Luis Arevalo, 2. Charles Wright, 3. Gus Jones, 4. Keith Mitchell, 5. Donald Ricks, ​6. Kenny Jones, 7. Mike Montoya, 8. Milton Ransom, 9.John Monk, 10. Paul Peterson, 11. Bernie Epp,
​12. Robert Hardy, 13. Aaron Trudgeon, 14. Kevin Brown,15. ​Andre Fenty,
Third zoom meeting now brothers and sisters; (17)
1.Sandra & 2.Gus Jones-Bloomfield, 3.Paul & 4.Valencia 
Peterson-Jones,5.​Dave Montoya, 6.Kenneth Samuel, 7.Joan Thompson, 8.Karen Freeman-Gray, 9.Dorothea Schultz, 10.Barbara Hoffman-Caban, 11.Andre Fenty, 12.Bernie Epp,
13.​Aaron Trudgeon, 14.Robert Hardy, 15.Kevin Brown, ​16.Mike Montoya,17.Owen Camp,  
Fourth zoom meeting; (10)
1.Merry Harris, 2.Paul & 3.Valencia Peterson-Jones, 4.Joan Thompson, ​5.Andre Fenty, 6.Bernie Epp, 7.Kevin Brown, 8.Robert Hardy, 9.Dorothea Schultz, 10.Karen Freeman-Gray 

Fifth​ zoom Meeting; (13)
1.Andre Fenty, 2.Paul & 3.Valencia Peterson, 4.John Monk, 5.Robert Hardy,
& 7.SandraJones-Bloomfield, 8.Aaron Trudgeon, 9.Bernie Epp,
​10.Kevin Brown, 11.
Joan Thompson, 12.Dorothea Schultz, 13.Romona Paltrow-Armstrong​
Are you interested in participating?
Contact; Bernie Epp, Paul Peterson or Andre Fenty by phone, E-mail or text​
Sixth zoom meeting Jan 17. 2021 (17)
1. Andre Fenty, 2. Paul Peterson, 3. Valencia Peterson Jones, 4. Bernie Epp,  ​5. Joan Thompson, 6. Dorothea Schultz7. Robert Hardy, 
8. Kevin Brown, 9. John Monk, 10. Keith Mitchell, 11. Milton Ransom, 12. Luis Arevalo, 
13. Ann Peterson, 14. Steve Green,15. Kenny Samuel, 16. Kenny Jones, 17. Reggie Brewer
Seventh Zoom meeting Feb 21 2021 (6)
1. Bernie Epp 2. Andre Fenty 3. Paul Peterson 4. Kevin Brown 5. Owen Camp
6. Ann Peterson Romona Paltrow and John Monk didn't get to join because our moderator had to step away early.​​
We are now meeting on Saturday's at 5pm EST for our monthly Zoom Meetings!
Our 8th zoom meeting on March 20 2021 (8)
1. Owen Camp 2. Joan Thompson 3. Andre Fenty 4. Bernie Epp 5. Paul Peterson
​6. Sandra Bloomfield Jones 7. Dorothea Schultz 8. Valencia Peterson
The theme was what verse helped you personally either in cobu or afterwards.
​Here are some of the verses each of us brought up;
Genesis 50:20, Psalms 32:8, Psalms 23, Psalms 31:14&15, Mark 11:24, Hebrews 13:5, Ephesians 2:8&9, Romans 8:1, Psalms 139, Joel 2:25, Psalms 27:10, Psalms 143:10. 
Our 9th Zoom Meeting on April 17th 2021 (15)
1. Andre Fenty,2. Nicky Greiner (Fuentes), 3. Milton Ransom,4. Romona Paltrow (Armstrong),5. Aaron Trudgeon, 6&7. Paul and Valencia Peterson, 8. Owen Camp,9&10. Sandra and Gus Jones-Bloomfield,11.Galo Rodriguez, 12. Bernie Epp,
​13. Kenny Jones (with Marcus Moore)​ 14. Luis Arevalo 15. John Monk
Our 10th zoom meeting on May 22nd 2021 (14)
​1. Lou Pelosi 2. Reggie Brewer 3. Joan Thompson 4.&5.Paul& Valencia Peterson 
6.&7. Gus and Sandra Bloomfield-Jones 8. Galo Rodriguez 9. Steve Greene 10. Bernie Epp 11. Andre Fenty 12. Robert Hardy 13. Aida Rodriguez
and 14. Owen Camp joined in as we were just finishing. This meeting was the first time we did a bible study together; We studied Ephesians 2:1-10 and the participation was great!
All who participated;
1. Paul Peterson
2. Bernie Epp
3. Andre Fenty
4. Aaron Trudgeon
5. Robert Hardy
6. Owen Camp
7. Prince Milam
8. Kevin Brown
9. Steve Greene
10. Luis Arevalo
11. Charles Wright
12. Gus Jones
13. Mike Montoya
14. Donald Ricks
15. Kenny Jones
16. Keith Mitchell
17. Milton Ransom
18. John Monk
19. Sandra Bloomfield-Jones
20. Valencia Peterson-Jones
21. Dave Montoya
22. Kenneth Samuel
23. Joan Thompson
24. Karen Freeman-Gray
25. Dorothea Schultz
26. Barbara Hoffman-Caban
27. Merry Harris
28. Romona Armstrong-Paltrow
29. Ann Peterson
30. Reggie Brewer
31. Nickie Greiner-Fuentes
32. Galo Rodriguez
33. Louis Pelosi
34. Aida Johnson-Rodriguez​
35. Ann Ramsey​
Our 11th zoom meeting yesterday June 26th.(15)
​1. Andre Fenty,2&3 Paul & Valencia Peterson, 4&5 Sandra & Gus Bloomfield-Jones,6&7Galo & Aida Rodriguez,8. Bernie Epp, 9. Luis Arevalo,10. Romona Paltrow,11. Kevin Brown, 12. Dave Montoya, 13. Owen Camp, 14. Kenny Samuel, 15. Robert Hardy. We studied suffering with Christ. The participation was great, everyone benefited and was encouraged.

Prayer list;
1. Pray​ for Sandra's sister she has advanced cancer.
2. Pray for Aida's country Honduras, lot's of problems there
3. Pray for the people of Haiti
4. Pray for each other and all who used to participate in our Zoom meetings.
5. Pray for our next Zoom meeting​​​​

If one suffers, we all suffer together​
Our 12th zoom meeting on July 24th (14)
​1. Ann Ramsey 2. Joan Thompson  3&4 Paul & Valencia Peterson 5&6 Chi & AJ Rodriguez
7. ​Mike Montoya 8. Steve Greene 9. Kevin Brown Jr  10. Robert Hardy 11. John Monk
12. Aaron Trudgeon 13. Andre Fenty 14. Bernie Epp
Theme; understanding God's will​