Zoom Meetings;
For anyone who attended the Young Sheep Training Center 1981-1985
The Purpose of our Meetings;
We are creating a safe space where everyone can be free to be themselves. It is for those of us who were part of the the church of bible understanding's Young Sheep Training center in Brooklyn NY. Here we can reconnect with each other and share our experiences past and present. We can help each other to recover from some of the bad experiences we had there. It is my desire to make sure that each of us realize that the Jesus we learned in cobu, that's not the way he really is. You are very invited to join us, to come look in, listen in and to say "Hello" or even share of yourself with us and to be accepted for who and what you really are. We have a connection with each other very similar to the connection military veterans have with each other. We have experienced things with each other and experienced Jesus in ways no one else has. I think all of us agree that the best thing we keep from those days is that we met many brothers and sisters who love Jesus Christ!
Zoom Meeting participants so far;
First zoom meeting;
Paul Peterson, Bernie Epp, Aaron Trudgeon, Robert Hardy, Owen Camp, Prince Milam, Steve Greene & Kevin Brown​
Second zoom meeting;
Luis Arevalo, Charles Wright, Gus Jones, Keith Mitchell, Donald Ricks, Kenny Jones, Mike Montoya, Milton Ransom, John Monk, Paul Peterson, Bernie Epp, Robert Hardy, Aaron Trudgeon, Kevin Brown & Andre Fenty,  
Third zoom meeting now brothers and sisters;
Sandra & Gus Jones-Bloomfield, Paul & Valencia 
Peterson-Jones, Dave Montoya, Kenneth Samuel, Joan Thompson, Karen Freeman-Gray, Dorothea Schultz, Barbara Hoffman-Caban, Andre Fenty, Bernie Epp, Aaron Trudgeon, Robert Hardy, Kevin Brown, ​Mike Montoya & Owen Camp,  
Fourth zoom meeting;
Merry Harris, Paul & Valencia Peterson-Jones, Joan Thompson, ​Andre Fenty, Bernie Epp, Kevin Brown, Robert Hardy, Dorothea Schultz & Karen Freeman-Gray 

Fifth​ zoom Meeting;
Andre Fenty, Paul & Valencia Peterson, John Monk, Robert Hardy, Gus & Sandra Jones-Bloomfield, Aaron Trudgeon, Bernie Epp, Kevin Brown, Joan Thompson, Dorothea Schultz, Romona Paltrow-Armstrong​
Paul Peterson was the moderator of our first two zoom meetings and Andre Fenty has been the moderator for the last three and he is our present moderator. Each of our zoom meetings have been different in good ways and some of us who hadn't seen or been in contact with others from our generation have been able to reconnect. We are not trying to relive or resurrect those days from our past. Some of us have fond memories and some of us have terrible memories and for just about all of us it is a mixed bag. But what we all seem to be able to agree upon is that the best thing was that we met each other and that we experienced things together that we will probably never forget. It has been just about 40 years and the amazing thing is that all of us who have participated still believe in Jesus Christ! And that is God's Amazing Grace!
Interested in joining or participating?

Contact; Bernie Epp, Paul Peterson or Andre Fenty by Facebook, E-mail or text​