Aren't we all children of God?
God created the heavens and the earth and everything else including us. Therefore we all must be children of God, right? Many people think so. But not so fast....
​Yes, God did make man in his own image, he made Adam and Eve and put them in the garden of Eden. They were righteous and blameless and God just gave them just one command; they could eat of any tree in the garden except from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. God commanded them not to eat its fruit. For in the day they would eat of it they would surely die. But they let the devil tempt them and they ate of the fruit and they fell for the devils lies out of their pride and their desire for knowledge. 
That's how sin came into the world and death as the result of Adam and Eve's sin and ever since then all human beings are born with Adam's sinful flesh (corrupted nature).​
No one is born a Christian or born a child of God; because of Adam's disobedience we were all made sinners. And ever since Adam, human beings have just become more and more corrupt. ​
   How do we  become children of God?
What is the difference between a child of God and a child of Adam?
We are all children of Adam, that is a fact. So the question we need to deal with is; what is the difference between someone who solely is a child of Adam and someone who also is a child of God? What is the difference between the two?
First let's establish this; if two people were walking down the street and one was a child of God and the other just a child of Adam we would not be able to tell the difference just by the way they looked.​
Were the difference will start to show is in what is important to the person and in their behavior. A child of Adam will act and behave like his father and a child of God will be imitating his Father.
Like the difference between a Godly person and a worldly person.​​