Man's History
The real Question to our history is; who made all this and most importantly who made us?
​Where did we come from? And for what purpose?​
With all our technological advances and the scientific progress, how come it only seems to get worse around here?
How come chaos seems to reign? People can never agree, or live peacefully with each other.
Seemingly good things get used for very evil things. People with the power only use it to advance their own agenda, not the good of others. Wall street, instead of investing our money wisely, they are only interested in their own greed, it doesn' t matter to them how many regular people go bankrupt, as long as they make their gazzillions. It never fails to amaze me, how they can make a big mess and walk away with a golden parachute of millions of dollars and go somewhere else and do the same thing all over again.
Guns which are for protecting us and our freedom, now get used to kill inocent children, bystanders and all kind of other people.​ People with issues, anger or frustrations use guns and take it out on other people. Instead of solving our personal problems we take it out on others....or blame others for our own messes.
Everybody demands to be respectet for whatever cause or thing they stand for, wether it's right or wrong doesn't even matter to any one. We have become a ME nation.
Tv, which is to bring us news from around the world gets turned into glorifying all the bad examples and forgetting all about the ones that do good. People live thru the soap operas they watch, as their life disintigrates right before them...
with tv right becomes wrong, wrong becomes right.....morals are totally gone.....
Internet which is a very good thing, we can keep in touch with people around the world, because of the internet you are able to read this webpage, find long lost friends, do all kinds of searches....
But it gets all perverted, predators online looking for prey, the internet porn industry is billions of dollars a year, ladies and guys looking for all kinds of hook ups, people sending e-mails trying to cheat people out of their life savings, hackers doing all kinds of evil things, cyber bullies, driving people, even young kids to kill themselves and on and on.....
Like andre agassi said in that canon commercial in the 80's, image is everything. The world doesn't care how you are on the inside, as long as you match up to their expectations on the outside, you are ok.
I remember River Pheonix(the actor), who seemingly was doing very well on the outside, overdosed and many more like him.....
It all goes back to we forgot our Creator. Who made us? Of course God did, the higher power.
for all the scientist, evolutionist i got one thing to say to them; it's a theory, and someone had to make matter, who's that?
matter didn't make itself.
And for anyone who has honest doubts i say, look at nature, the planets, there has to be a creator behind it, it is to perfect to come about by accident.....
And if you still have doubts, it's ok.... ask the creator to reveal himself to you, to prove to you that he is real. I am more than confident that he is able to do it.
Now back to history, ever since the beginning, instead of listening to our creator, man was busy "doing it his own way"​​​​​​​​​​​
Starting with Adam, who instead of listening to his creator listened to Eve instead, going all the way down the road, just getting worse and worse. And along the line we also got "smart" and thought if we turn our creator into a religion, that that would satisify him. Or for our wrongdoing bringing him gifts, that would appease him...and we got very good at it and even started to believe our own lies...
Finally our creator send his son, to make a way for us to return to the same kind of relationship that Adam had before he got "smart"
What kind of relationship would you like to have with your creator? He offers a Grace based relationship, where, because his son, Jesus Christ, died on the cross for all of your sins, the creator is gracious to forgive all your sins, throw them into the sea of forgetfullness, make you righteous, justify you(just as if you never sinned) and therefore you can have a right relationship with him, out of his love for you. You can start a brand new life, and he promises all the help you need to listen to him and trust him, yes, he even promises to finish the work he starts in you.
So you can escape the chaos around you, the rat race, the downward spiral, the purpose less existence, the wandering around and instead begin a meaningful life, living the purpose your creator intended for you anyway!
And really, who knows better, you or your creator?​​​​​

Or the downward spiral of the human race....