Faith or Feelings

Who doesn't remember the Faith or Feelings lesson? It was the 3rd lesson of the Lamb-course, which eventually had a total of 20 lessons, but for quite some time there were only three.
1. What just happened to you?
2. The next few days
​3. Faith or Feelings
​Who doesn't remember being questioned;

​    "Are you walking by Faith or Feelings?"
Something seems really right about it and of course we should not have a life based on our feelings. Instead we ought to live a life of Faith, living and walking by our Faith - yes that is where it's at!
Yet I will tell you and try to show and proof that this lesson contains a fatal flaw, as small as it initially may appear to be in, but it will explain why this Faith or Feelings stuff never really "worked out" for us there, and why it could not. Was this by design or an innocent mistake? I will leave that for others to debate....
(I apologize in advance to all those who still think that Faith or Feelings is better than white bread, sorry to disappoint)
"Faith AND Feelings" that should have been the title of this lamb course lesson instead of "Faith OR Feelings". The fatal "mistake" is to put Faith AGAINST Feelings. This is what this title does and that is also what the famous question "Are you walking by Faith OR Feelings does. Do you now realize, or if you haven't check for yourself - the Bible never puts faith against feelings, I don't even think it mentions them side by side. For we walk by Faith, not by Sight. (2 Corinthians 5:7) That is what the scriptures tell us. And the whole of Hebrews 11 gives us a better picture of that.
Now, no Believer in God will tell you to live by your feelings, but the problem is; we have all kinds of feelings and not all of them are wrong. It can actually be said that some feelings are valuable and for sure ought not to be discarded just like that. What "Faith OR Feelings" did was to force you to chose between your faith and your feelings, that you could only have one at a time and made us "feel bad" or worse even "condemned" us for having feelings.