You experience God's Grace!
You cannot learn God’s Grace by being taught; you cannot understand Grace by trying to figure it out. You learn God’s Grace by experiencing it!
​​What is the difference between “being taught” God’s Grace and experiencing God’s Grace? How can you experience God’s Grace?
​Consider who the source of all Grace is – God himself. Experiencing God’s Grace is the work of the Holy Spirit. The Lord is the Grace giver; he is gracious to you. Grace is given, given freely. God gives Grace to whomever he wills. Understanding something about grace doesn’t make one a Grace receiver. To some degree it can be said that everyone receives at least a measure of Grace, but only his own receive SAVING GRACE.
​Saving Grace; enough of God’s Grace for each of his own to save them from perishing and carry them through this life and bring them safely into Gods kingdom. God gives life to all his creation and creatures; he is kind to the ungrateful and to the evil. (Luke 6:35) A lot of good things happen to all kinds of people and that is certainly God’s Love, Mercy and Grace, but many remain unthankful and continue in their ways and never experience God’s Grace. (Rom 1:21-23)
God’s Grace that makes our heart to fear and by God’s Grace those same fears are relieved, it is all Gods doing through the Holy Spirit. We awake to our spiritual lost condition or we may realize that we have a problem with sin or me may realize that we are going the wrong way, and that makes us fear. Fear, because we know the consequences of doing wrong, going the wrong way, being lost; it is eternal separation from God. That makes us fear, that fear, caused by the Grace of God moves us toward him, causes us to come to him and he in turn relieves our fears, we become children of God, are forgiven and god takes away our fear of death and punishment and we are no longer separated from God but instead have entered a Grace-Relationship with our Heavenly Father. So Jesus Christ comes and finds us in our lost and “messed up” situation and brings us to the Father who cleans us up, brings us to life and we become children of God. And that’s where our journey really begins….it is the beginning of our relationship with God and by his Grace we begin to change, little by little to become more and more like him. God’s Grace, in which we stand, brings us through it all until the completion and our receiving the Grace-gift of eternal life.
There are people that don’t realize that they are drowning; and God saves them anyway and in a lot of cases despites themselves, then they start to realize what God has done, by his Grace and they awake to the fact; wow, I was really drowning, I could have died… wow, amazing Grace, Christ did that for me, he rescued me from perishing. They become very thankful to God and start to thankfully trust him and serve him.
Grace is given to those who really need Grace. Jesus came for sinners, he came to heal the sick, and he did not come for the righteous or healthy ones. Unless you realize that you are or were drowning in the ocean, you cannot appreciate a life preserver and the one who is throwing you the life-preserver, unless you realize that you are drowning in the water……
God’s Grace causes a reaction. Just like when you pour a chemical on something, there is a chemical reaction. Sometimes the reaction is visible and obvious, like an explosion, fire or lots of smoke and sometimes the reaction is not visible or not apparent yet, but there is definitely a reaction.
Concentrating on God’s Grace will put any believer in the right frame of mind and put us on the right tract and move us in a heavenly direction towards our Lord.
In a very broad way the Gospel is God’s Grace to us!
We realize that God gives Grace to the humble. (Proverbs 3:34, James 4:6 & 1 Peter 5:5)