Is God real and does God really exist? How can you know?
For people who ask me;
​"How do you know there is a God?" 
I​ have a very simple answer;
Ask him, because I'm sure if he exists, he is "big enough" to proof to you that he is real.​
The proof, the evidence that there is a God that is available to everyone and is obvious is the following; 
Nature, the creation​ 
It is obvious to any honest mind or seeking person that someone had to create all this and us. Look at the trees, the animals, the plants, the planets and us humans. Look at the life cycle, seasons, how the planets rotate around the sun. Look at how it rains or snows, rain turns into rivers, rivers go into the ocean; water evaporates forms clouds and it rains again....
Look at the order, how everything is arranged; that couldn't have happened by pure accident or solely by chance!​ No that is not possible!

Knowing there is a Creator isn't enough!
If​ you conclude that there has to be a Creator, the next questions would be;
Who is he?​
How can I know him​ and how  can I get to know him?
​What has he made me for? What is my purpose? What is my end?
There are many explanations available​!
But​ what I hope you are after is the truth and that you will not settle for anything less than the truth!
Knowing God is by revelation!​ 
What I mean by that​ is God has to reveal himself to you, you cannot figure it out or study and learn it. You can learn about him, but you cannot know him unless he reveals himself to you. I hope you are an honest seeker. Pray and ask him and he will show you how to proceed.