What everyone calls BELIEVE today, well; that's not really believe at all.
Nowadays ​believe  is just a statement of acknowledgement.
​When we ask someone; do you believe in Jesus, or do you believe in God, and if they answer with a "yes"; what they 
most likely mean is that they acknowledge that there is such a person Jesus Christ or, yes there is a God.
Acknowledging Jesus  and believing in him are two very different things.​
   Don't people say; Seeing is Believing?
​Well, tell that to the magician who is able to fool you into believing that his magic trick is real. Or all those optical illusions - they look pretty real, don't they.
Or haven't you, just like me and the rest of us been in this situation;
​from far away - something looked real good, but when it got closed - upon closer examination, it proved not at all to be what it had looked like...
so you see - seeing is not believing, maybe it would be better to say;
Believing is seeing​​​!
                    I Believe in you.....
Says the father to his son,​
​says the coach to his quarterback when he sends him in on a forth down play....
​or says the teacher to his students
​or says the boss to his worker...

What do they mean by "I believe in You"​?
What the father means is that he trusts that his son can do the task at hand​,
​the coach trusts in his quarterbacks ability to get them a first down,
​the teacher knows that the students can learn and pass the test,
​the boss has confidence that his worker can do his job well.... 
and with God....
Do​ you believe he is able to do what he says? Do you believe what he says? Do you believe who he says he is?
Let's back track for a moment; for the father, the coach, the teacher and the boss to believe what they believe, what did it take? What did they have?
A connection​​​!  ​
Because of ​that connection, they gained knowledge, trust, came to believe in and had confidence in...
and if you say you believe in God without being connected to him; that's not belief at all.....