The "humanistic" God
Don't you hate it when someone makes judgments about you without really knowing you or getting to know you first?  Maybe they are judging you by your appearance or by their first impression of you or by what they heard about you from others. At least they should be fair and get to know you first before making any judgement about you, right? That would be fair, don't you think?
And you, how do you look at God? What is your view of him? Do you know God for who he really is? Are you doing to him what you don't want others to do to you? Do you make judgments about God without really knowing him? Or are you just accepting what others tell you about our Creator? Or do you just believe what has been handed down for centuries and what has been accepted as tradition by the world or by our religions? Or do you reject God, because of what the world or religion make God out to be. Yes, a confusing picture about God will be about the best you will get from our world today. What it has turned into basically is a man made God; the humanistic God - suited to the liking of particular people or religions. A God that suites our liking. 
"God wants me to be happy, so he is going to give me what will make me happy​" I used to think that as a teenager and many think this today.
Be fair, check out and get to know God for yourself. Put him to the test and find out if what is said and written of him is really true.​ Seek him and you will find him. Don't accept anything as truth or true, except what God himself reveals to you and what he confirms to you by the scriptures. 
If God is real and I'm sure he is, but don't accept my word for it; find out for yourself. So if God is real; I'm sure he is able to show you; I'm sure he is able to prove to you that he is real. And I'm also sure that you will find him if you seek him.​

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