God's Grace changes everything
and that Christ Jesus might in himself create the two into one new man, making peace.
and might reconcile both in one body to God through the cross,slaying the enmity in himself.
and coming, He proclaimed peace to you, the ones afar off, and to the ones near​​.
for through Him we both have acces by one Spirit to the Father.               
Ephesians 2:15-18​
God's Grace is truly amazing. 
​It is the basis of our salvation,
​we are saved by Grace through Faith                                                                                                                                        ( Ephesians 2:5,8-10 )
1989 the church of bible understanding ( Stewart Traill is the pastor) had "a earth shaking meeting", where
everybody was told that God's Grace hadn't been the basis of the church, but that works had been; in the disguise of faith. That we had turned Faith into works and that he was largely to blame for that. That somehow it always fell back on the individual, that "he had to do something", "it was on him/her". But now everything was going to be different.​​ God's Grace was going to be the frame work of the church, everything was going to be redone according to God's Grace, from the bottom up​. The pastor instead of getting everyone to listen to him, he was going to build up the brothers in their most holy faith​ and the brothers were supposed to align with God's spirit instead of the pastor's spirit. The pastor repented of the fact that their hadn't been any marriages in that church. He stated that marriage itself was nothing but the Grace of God. He blamed himself for the errors running wild in the church.They were going to have bible studies like they had in the beginning, when everybody participated and they all together came up with the answers.​​ They planned on continuing to have growing in Grace meetings....there were maybe between 100 to 200 at that meeting....
Now the church of bible understanding has only about 40 members and the church doesn't seem to be based on God's Grace. While some church members might have some dreamy reaction of " i wish it could be true, this God's Grace", most others are firmly entrenched in the "latest doctrine" that they are getting fed,which may be new testament repentance, but I'm not really sure, it all depends on who you talk with. When asked about the doctrine of the church of bible understanding one member replied; obey Christ with all your heart, mind and soul according to a right interpretation of the scriptures. ( and of course only stewart traill has the right interpretation of the scriptures....) But I couldn't even get one other member to confirm that and e-mails to the church office only got this response; "you are in Christ and don't know if that's true or not? Maybe at this time the church doesn't even have a doctrine, I don't know and nobody wants to tell.
So what happened to God's Grace?? instead of the thousands who used to be there in the 70's and 80's returning and the church attracting a healthy new bunch of disciples, like the apostles in Acts, when Grace was preached. Even the ones who were at that meeting or had returned shortly after the "Grace Meeting 1989", slowly and surely left for "other pastures" and now only the "die hard's" are left. 
What has gone wrong? How could something so right, God's Grace, not bear fruit and bear it abundantly? 
We all know there is nothing wrong with God's Grace. It is the only basis acceptable to God. And if God is not having Grace on you or me, then there is no hope for us. All my huffing and puffing will accomplish exactly nothing....
So, something else has gone wrong, what could it be?
Could it be the members of the church of bible understanding? Could it be that the current members don't want anything to do with God's Grace? My experience has been that the ones that left from there seem more receptive to God's Grace, then the ones who are still there. And there are more that claim to be Christians now, that left, than of the ones still there.
So that begs to ask the question; is it not possible to be a Christian in the church of bible understanding, I mean a Christian brother or sister based on God's Grace?​

Another question that has to be raised ( and i did not ask it at that time of the 1989 mtg.);
​is a pastor who missed God's Grace for more then 20 years, fit to be a pastor, or trustworthy to be a pastor?
That would have to be settled first, from the top down, and not from the bottom up, like the pastor said at the 1989 Grace meeting.

As far as I know that was never honestly discussed among everybody or among any one.
And as far as I can tell it was only a partial story the pastor gave at that meeting. It seemed like he had gotten entangled in some serious sin, but that wasn't "discussed"or brought to the light by the pastor at the 1989 Grace meeting either, not by the church, church counsel or the brothers fellowship.​​​ So now we have a pastor, in the dark, hiding serious sin from the church, how is that the Grace of God? "There is a way that seems right to a man, but it's end is the way to death... and then the pastor re-appointed himself "leader for life" at the church.
​Isn't that a recipe for disaster???? How could anything good come out of such an approach? Yet most of the members at that time, me included willingly went along.....
There were some that immediately or shortly after the Grace meeting left, because they concluded that a pastor that missed Grace for 20 years was not fit to be a pastor or that that was just a new rouse he was using. And others started to return on that "new" premise of God's Grace, but little by little they left again.... 

Oh, i'm sure all the loyal church members will now accuse me of hating the pastor or making the pastor the issue. What I am presenting here are the facts, all you loyal Cobu members still there; show me the fruit, where is it?? Almost 25 years later, what are the results??? How's their peace and joy?? How close to the Lord are they? Is being led by God's Spirit very important at the church of bible understanding?
​But let me regress....
Let's assume for the moment that we have a faithful pastor, that just all the members are very rebellious, they just want to work 70 hours a week, but with God's Grace they want nothing to do with....
don't you think the pastor would at least be keeping everything he promised at that meeting?
1) He repented off that no one was getting married, so what is the fruit of that repentance?
2) He said he was going to strengthen the brothers the right way - what are the results of that?
3) He promised to rebuild everything from the bottom up, with Grace as the frame work. Has         that happened?
or is it the bad brothers and sisters that  didn't let him do that?
​Before God's Grace, it had become all stewart traill, so how did that change after?
​It looks, smells and tastes like it still is all stewart traill, maybe even more so now...
( one member who recently left from there said that stewart traill has tighter grips now, controls everything, has more influence than ever...)​
​Or maybe it's God's fault, cause at the meeting stewart said it is clear that God has decided that it is time for the brothers to transfer their allegiance from the pastor's spirit to God's Spirit. Since God decided that, who prevented it from happening?
​Do the brothers and sisters rather do what stewart says, then what God says?​​​​​
​Or is stewart still up to getting everyone to listen to him, what he says goes?
​Bottom line, you can say whatever you want, but the fruit tells the story......the facts are the facts.....

So at best that meeting was a partial repentance of the pastor, or at worst just another trick in his endless repertoire, cause he got some pressure from somewhere and he had to readjust  his game. I hate to think that way, but there are very evil people on this earth and some of them wolves in sheep's clothing. The more I look at the facts, the less I can believe that stewart just accidentally is doing all those things. His own brother said that stewart always had been like that. I pray that God is merciful and opens brothers and sisters eyes to his Grace and that the pastor finds repentance, like God has granted me and I am very thankful.​
​And i'm more then willing to discuss all this one on one with an open bible with anybody.

After God revealed his Grace to me, I thought to bring the message to all members, but it's not that easy, only God can lift the veil, reveal his Grace to his chosen. His amazing Grace. It's such an amazing basis, God is really amazing. Look at the history of the church of bible understanding; a gazillion spiritual things started, none ever finished or is continuing still, except physical endeavors, but spiritual ones, start but never finish...
and anyway, what is the doctrine of the church of bible understanding 2014?
​Does anyone know?​​
Prayer is very powerful. Let's all pray and ask our heavenly Father to be merciful and wake up all the members of the church of bible understanding.
I keep thinking about the walls of Jericho, how the Israelites marched around that city for 7 days, which to the eyes must've looked very foolish, but they were obeying their God and after 7 days the walls of Jericho came down and the city was conquered! 

Fast forward to 2014