An interesting conversation!
I do send about 5 brothers still at cobu daily scriptures and sometimes messages by  text or I try to get some conversation going.... they rarely respond, although Chuck Marburger loves to argue and useless stuff like that (btw, Chuck is not one of the 5, as his stuff gets very wearisome, and I can only handle but so much of it) Here I'm posting a text conversation I had with one of the older brothers still at cobu on April 11, 2015.
(update; Chuck Marburger has recently asked me to stop texting him, writing him letters etc., so of course I stopped)​
ME; Brother, your salvation, what does it depend on?
       1. Your salvation depends on what Jesus has done.
       2. Your salvation depends on your obeying Christ.
       3. Both of the above.

HIM;​​​​ Let's see..... my salvation depends on what Jesus had done therefore it doesn't              matter if I obey him or not. How does that sound to you?

ME;​ That sounds awful, brother. But if you read what I wrote, you should realize, (I                 hope), that your salvation or mine, does not DEPEND on our obedience.
        My point is as to the basis. I hope your not still trying to obey your way into heaven..
        I obey because my salvation rests on what Jesus has done, not to earn salvation.
        Even "your leader​​" says; a christian is a being not a doing...

HIM; Christ is a being not a doing​​

ME; Thank you. How are you? Do you consider yourself a christian?

HIM; Do you have a giant disobedience in your flesh?? I do. I am not OK. Do you have            a problem in your flesh with trying to obey your way into heaven?​​​​
        The scripture says; not to hide your eyes from your own flesh.

ME; ​​​Yes I do have a giant disobedience in my flesh and at the same time, Christ who is         in me is way greater then the flesh! Thank you Jesus!

HIM; The 3 far outweighs the 2. And have we not learned no skipping over scared, no              skipping over the bad news also.​​

( for any one unfamiliar with 3 and 2. It is one of Stewart's basics he has everyone quoting, 2 times the bad news, but 3 times the good news. when I was still there I was the compiler of the basic list, we got to over 100 and now I think they reached 400. This added by me to explain, was not part of the text conversation)​

ME;​​ Believe me, I'm not hiding my eyes from my flesh. Everywhere I go, I take my flesh         with me. And by all the temptations I'm constantly reminded that my flesh is trying           to drag me down.....but by the grace of God and by his Spirit I'm putting to death             the deeds of the flesh!
       It is such a privilege to be a believer! I feel extremely honored that God has called          me!​
      Yes, but at COBU everybody always gets stuck at 2 (the bad news) and never                makes it to the 3 (the good news) Ever wonder why that is?​

HIM; Well, perhaps you could call to mind the former days, a long long time ago, when           you were far off, that Jesus used the bad man to call you to himself.​​

ME;​​ You said that right. "Used the bad man to call you to himself. That you have said             truthfully. Now if he would have called us to Jesus Christ, there would have been a        different outcome. Or haven't you noticed, there is like just about nobody left.... or          where is Justin, Barb, etc....
       There are people on sinking ships that for whatever reason are not able to admit or        face that the ship is sinking. So they go down with the ship. I pray that will not be            your case and I remember I was just like you not that long ago, but God has had            great mercy on me and I'm thankful.
      Are you able to say whether you are a christian or not?

HIM; Please don't twist my words. You didn't fully understand that I meant to say Jesus         called you to himself?? Say you do seem to have a hostile reaction to that idea,             that Jesus used the bad man to call you.​​

ME; This is the ​​way I see it; Jesus used brothers and sisters to talk to me and my friend         about Christ. Your leader wasn't in the picture then and when he got into the                   picture he was busy pushing Jesus out the way and getting us to look to him. You           may think that you made a slip of the text, but you actually spoke the truth.
        And what would be my evidence?​
        THE FRUIT, WHERE IS THE FRUIT? If your leader is a good tree, where is the             fruit? Where is the peace and joy and love at COBU?
        Let's see if you answer that....

        Hasn't Jesus said; my yoke is easy and my burden is light? Isn't it a joy to be a               christian believer?​​​

HIM; I'm too busy now to continue this discussion. But I must say, something does                  seem to be troubling you.

ME; At least nothing is troubling you, I guess it doesn't bother you that the ship is                   sinking or whether you are one of God's sheep. Or that all around you seem to be           leaving.... doesn't trouble you in the least, does it?
        But thanks for texting with me.​​​

ME; What's going on in Haiti doesn't bother you?
        That it takes 4 hours to make "divisions" at your gatherings, that doesn't trouble              you?​​​
         That olde good things has a beautiful website, but there isn't a website for the                church of bible understanding, that doesn't trouble you?
          That the Haiti website hasn't been updated for almost 3 or 4 years, that doesn't               trouble you?
         That there is no peace and joy at the church of bible understanding, that doesn't            trouble you?
         That there are no healthy new disciples at the church of bible understanding, that            doesn't trouble you?
         That the church of bible understanding is "just" about making money these days,            that doesn't trouble you?
         That there is no marriage at the church of bible understanding, that doesn't trouble          you?

There was no further response from him​​​...

The next day, I sent him the following text;


​​Good morning, how are you? First things first, I want  you to know that your salvation, you being in Christ, that's what's important to me.
Remember the Grace meeting; didn't your leader confess that he was guilty of getting the brothers to look to him instead of building up the brothers in Christ?
If you don't remember I can mail you a word for word transcript, so that you can see that he said that. So it is impossible that he could be leading us to Christ  and getting us to look to himself at the same time.
And your leader is committing grave sin right now, right under your nose, that you either don't know or don't want to know about...​​​
(Explanation of what I meant by telling him; "your leader is committing grave sin right now under your nose; this conversation took place right at the time when an xcobu brother ran into stewart at the King of prussia mall, stewart was there buying Tara McAndrews some skimpy outfits. At cobu Tara had become stewart's "personal assistant" and is about 40 years his junior; all the while stewart is a married man. This seems highly inappropriate to me​. Can any "pastor" justify buying skimpy outfits for his female assistant who is not his wife and is the age of his grand daughters? I don't think so)

I still text him verses and ask him a question or so sometimes, but he hasn't responded anymore.​