1. Greek interlinear (Jay Green), KJ3
2. Aramaic New Testament in plain English (Reverend David Bauscher)

Salvation 4991, is in the New Testament 46 times
Luke 1:69
1. And He raised up a Horn of SALVATION for us in the house of His servant David;
2. "And he has raised up for us a trumpet of REDEMPTION in the house of David his servant,"
Luke 1:71
1. SALVATION from ones hostile to us, and from the hand of all the ones hostile to us,
2."That he would SAVE us from our enemies and from the hand of all of them who hate us."
Luke 1:77
1. To give a knowledge of SALVATION to His people by remission of their sins,
2."That he may give the knowledge of LIFE to his people in forgiveness of their sins,"
Luke 19:9
1. And Jesus said to him, today SALVATION has come to this house, for he also is a son of Abraham.
2. Yeshua said to him, "Today, THE LIFE has come to this house, because This One also is The Son of Abraham."
John 4:22
1. You worship what you do not know; we worship what we know, for SALVATION is of the Jews.
2. You are worshiping what you do not know. We know what we are worshiping, for THE LIFE is of the Jews.
Acts 4:12
1. And there is SALVATION in no other One, for neither is there any other name under Heaven having been given among men by which we must be saved.
2."And there is no SALVATION in any other man, for there is no other name under Heaven given to the children of men by which it is necessary to receive life."
Acts 7:25
1. And he thought his brothers would understand that God would give them DELIVERANCE by his hand. But they did not understand.
2. And he hoped that his brethren, the sons of Israel, would have understood that God would give them DELIVERANCE by his hand, and they did not understand.
Acts 13:26
1. Men, brothers, sons of the race of Abraham, and the ones among you fearing God, to you the Word of this SALVATION was sent.
2. Men, brothers and children of the lineage of Abraham, and those who worship God with you: To you He has been sent: The Word of LIFE.
Acts 13:47
1. For so the Lord has commanded us, "I have set you for a Light of nations, that you be for SALVATION to the end of the earth." (Isa. 49:6)
2."For so Our Lord commanded us just as it is written: 'I have set you as a light to the Gentiles to be LIFE unto the ends of The Earth.'"
Acts 16:17
1. Following after Paul and us, she cried out, saying, these men are slaves of the Most High God, who are announcing to us a way of SALVATION!
2. She was coming after Paulus and after us, crying and saying, "These men are Servants of the highest God, and they are evangelizing to you the way of LIFE."
Acts 27:34
1. Because of this I beg you to take of food, for this is to your DELIVERANCE, for not a hair of your head shall perish.
2."Therefore, I beg you to take food for THE SUSTENANCE OF YOUR LIVES, for not a hair of any one of your heads will perish."
Romans 1:16
1. For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to SALVATION to everyone believing, both to Jew first, and to Greek;
2. For I am not ashamed of The Gospel, because it is the power of God for THE LIFE of all who believe in it, whether of The Judeans first, or of the Aramaeans.
Romans 10:1
1. Brothers, truly my heart's pleasure and supplication to God on behalf of Israel is for it to be SAVED.
2. My brethren, the desire of my heart and my petition before God is on their behalf that they would have LIFE.
Romans 10:10
1. For with the heart one believes unto righteousness and with the mouth one confesses unto SALVATION.
2. For the heart that believes in him is made right, and the mouth that confesses him has LIFE.
Romans 11:11
1. I say, then, did not they stumble that they fall? Let it not be! But by their slipping away came SALVATION to the nations, to provoke them to jealousy
2. But I say, did they stumble so that they would fall? God forbid! But by their offense, LIFE came to the Gentiles, to their envy.
Romans 13:11
1. Also this, knowing the time, that it is now the hour for you to be aroused from sleep, for now our SALVATION IS nearer than when we believed
2. Know this: Now is the time and the hour to awake from our sleep, for now our LIFE has drawn closer to us than when we believed.
2 Corinthians 1:6
1. But if we are troubled, it is for your comfort and SALVATION, being worked out in the endurance of the same sufferings which we also suffer. If we are comforted, it is for your comfort and SALVATION;
2. But if we are afflicted, it is for the sake of your comfort and for the sake of your LIFE that we are afflicted. And if we are comforted, it is so that you may be comforted, and that there may be discipline in you to endure those sufferings that we also suffer.
2 Corinthians 6:2
1. For He says, "In an acceptable time I heard you, and in a day of salvation I helped you." Behold, now is the acceptable time! Behold, now is the day of SALVATION! (Isa. 49:8)
2. For he said, "I have answered you in an acceptable time and in the day of SALVATION I have helped you." Behold, now is the acceptable time, and behold, now is the day of salvation.
2 Corinthians 7:10
1. For the grief according to God works repentance to SALVATION, not to be regretted. But the grief of the world works death.
2. For grief that is for God's sake produces a remorse of the soul which does not reverse itself and restores to LIFE, but the grief of the world produces death.
Ephesians 1:13
1. in whom also you, hearing the Word of Truth, the gospel of your SALVATION, in whom also believing you were sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise,
2. For you also heard by him the word of truth, which is The Good News of your SALVATION, and you believed in him, and you were sealed in The Spirit of Holiness who was promised,
Philippians 1:19
1. For I know that this will result in DELIVERANCE to me through your petition and the supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ, (Job 13:16)
2. For I know that these things are found by me for LIFE, by your prayers, and by the gift of The Spirit of Yeshua The Messiah,
Philippians 1:28
1. and not being terrified in anything by those who oppose, which to them truly is a proof of destruction, but to you of SALVATION, and this from God;
2. And do not be shaken in anything by those who oppose us, as a demonstration of their destruction and of your LIFE.
Philippians 2:12
1. So, then, my beloved, even as you always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much rather in my absence, cultivate your SALVATION with fear and trembling,
2. Therefore beloved, just as you have always obeyed, not when I am near to you only, but now when I am far from you, all the more, with awe and with trembling, do the service of your life
1Thessalonians 5:8&9 1. But we being of day should be sober, "having put on the breastplate" of faith and love, and the hope of "SALVATION as a helmet;” (Isa. 59:17) because God has not appointed us to wrath, but for obtaining SALVATION through our Lord Jesus Christ,
2.But we are the children of the day; let us be vigilant in our minds and put on the breastplate of faith and of love and let us take the helmet of the hope of LIFE, Because God has not appointed us to wrath, but to the possession of LIFE in Our Lord Yeshua The Messiah,
2 Thessalonians 2:13
1. But we ought to thank God always concerning you, brothers, beloved by the Lord, because God chose you from the beginning to SALVATION in sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth,
2. But we are indebted to thank God always for your persons, brethren, beloved of Our Lord, that God has chosen you from the beginning for LIFE by sanctification of The Spirit and by belief of the truth,
2 Timothy 2:10
1. Because of this, I endure all things on account of the elect, that they also may obtain SALVATION in Christ Jesus, with everlasting glory.
2. Because of this, I endure everything for the sake of The Elect Ones that they also may find THE LIFE which is in Yeshua the Messiah with eternal glory.
2 Timothy 3:15
1. And that from a babe you know the Holy Scriptures, those being able to make you wise to SALVATION through belief in Christ Jesus.
2. And because from your childhood you were taught The Holy Scrolls which can make you wise unto THE LIFE in the faith of Yeshua the Messiah.
Hewbrews 1:14
1. Are they not all ministering spirits for service, being sent out because of the ones being about to inherit SALVATION?
2. Behold, are they not all spirits of service, who are sent into service for the sake of those who are going to inherit LIFE?
Hebrews 2:3
1. How shall we escape if we neglect so great a SALVATION? Which having received a beginning to be spoken through the Lord, was confirmed to us by the ones hearing,
2. How shall we escape if we despise those things which are our LIFE, those which began to be spoken by Our Lord and by those who heard from him among us, and were confirmed,
Hebrews 2:10
1. For it was fitting for Him, because of whom are all things, and through whom are all things, having brought many sons to glory, to perfect Him as the Author of their SALVATION through sufferings.
2. For it was fitting for him by whom are all things and for whom are all things, and bringing many children into the glory, that The Prince of their LIFE would perfect himself by his suffering.
Hebrews 5:9
1. and having been perfected, He came to be the Author of eternal SALVATION to all the ones obeying Him,
2. And in this way he was perfected and became the cause of eternal LIFE to all those who obey him.
Hebrews 6:9
1. But, loved ones, even if we indeed speak so, we have been persuaded better things concerning you, even holding fast SALVATION.
2. But we are persuaded concerning you, my brethren, those things that are excellent and that accompany LIFE, even though we speak in this way.
Hebrews 9:28
1. so Christ having been once offered "to bear the sins of many," Christ shall appear a second time without sin to those expecting Him for SALVATION. (Isa. 53:12)
2. In this way also, The Messiah was offered one time and he slaughtered in his Person the sins of the many, but the second time he appears without our sins, for THE LIFE of those who expect him.
Hebrews 11:7
1. Being divinely warned by God about the things not yet having been seen, moved with fear, by faith Noah prepared an ark for the SALVATION of his house; through which he condemned the world and became heir of the righteousness according to faith.
2. By faith, Noah worshiped, when those things which had not been seen were spoken to him, and he made the Ark for the LIVES of his children in his household, by which he condemned the world, and he became the heir of the righteousness which is in faith.
1 Peter 1:5
1. the ones in the power of God being guarded through faith to A SALVATION ready to be revealed in the last time;
2. While you are kept by the power of God and by the faith, for THE LIFE which is ready to be revealed in the last time;
1 Peter 1:9
1. Obtaining the end of your faith, the SALVATION of your souls.
2. That you may receive the reward of your faith: THE LIFE of your souls;
1 Peter 1:10
1. about which SALVATION the prophets sought out and searched out, prophesying concerning the grace for you,
2. About which LIFE the Prophets have investigated, when they prophesied about the grace that was going to be given to you.
1 Peter 2:2
1. as newborn babes desire the pure soul-nourishing milk that you may grow by it;
2. And be as nursing infants, and yearn for the word as for pure and spiritual milk, by which you shall grow strong for life,
2 Peter 3:15
1. And think of the long-suffering of our Lord as SALVATION, as also our beloved brother Paul wrote to you, according to the wisdom given to him;
2. And you shall consider that the patience of THE LORD JEHOVAH is SALVATION, just as our beloved brother Paul wrote to you, according to the wisdom that was given to him,
Jude 1:3
1. Having made all haste to write to you about the common SALVATION, beloved, I had need to write to you to exhort you to contend earnestly for the faith once delivered to the saints.
2. Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write to you about our common LIFE, it was necessary for me to write to you, as I am to persuade you to compete for the faith, which was once delivered to The Holy Ones.
Revelation 7:10
1. And they cry with a great voice, saying, SALVATION to our God sitting on the throne, and to the Lamb.
2. And they shouted with a great voice, and they were saying, "SALVATION to our God, and to him Who sits upon the throne, and unto the Lamb!"
Revelation 12:10
1. And I heard a great voice saying in Heaven, Now has come the SALVATION and power and the kingdom of our God, and the authority of His Christ, because the accuser of our brothers is thrown down, the one accusing them before our God day and night.
2. And I heard a great voice from Heaven that said, "Now is the DELIVERANCE and the power and The Kingdom of our God, for The Accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them night and day before our God,"
Revelation 19:1
1. And after these things, I heard a great voice of a large multitude in Heaven, saying, Hallelujah! THE SALVATION and the glory and the honor and the power of the Lord our God!
2. And after these things, I heard a great sound of many multitudes in Heaven saying, "Hallelujah! REDEMPTION, glory and power to our God!

An interesting and curious thing I recently came upon is this; We know that the New Testament was written in Greek. And most scholars agree on that. There are a few scholars who say that the New Testament was originally written in the Aramaic language. We know that the Aramaic language was the language of that area at the time of Jesus Christ. By all accounts that what Jesus and his disciples and the people Jesus taught spoke. Here I present all the "Salvation" scriptures, from the Greek and the Aramaic follows.
Salvation and Life