Truth, and nothing else!
God reveals the truth. So when you hear something
said to be truth, don't accept it because it sounds
right, or because of who said it, or because everyone else believes it, but pray for God to reveal the truth to you clearly by his Holy Spirit and through his Word.
At pesent we live in times were anything goes, the world doesn't care, Christ isn't important. and the church just about lets anybody in ( not all churches are like that, but generally speaking)
So here i want to adress things in the news or press that might be of concern to us. And of course i or anybody is not better than anybody else, and i'm not the judge or final authority, but just trying to lay out what the scriptures say and you decide from there.

Homosexuality; leviticus 18:22 and you shall not lie with a male as one lies with a woman; it is perversion
                         leviticus​​​​ 20:13 and a man who lies with a male as one lies with a woman, both of them have done a detestable
                                                 thing, dying they shall die, their blood shall be on them.
And remember Sodom and gomorrah were destroyed because of sexual perversion
                          1 corinthians 6: 9-11 and romans 1:25-27
so you cannot continue acting out in homosexuals acts, just like you cannot continue in adultery, fornication, cheating...etc and enter the kingdom of God.​​​​ no you cannot, and any one telling you other wise is a liar.
What Church is right for me?
There is no black or white answer here. I do believe that there are at least some sincere christians in just about any church, people that are sincere with God, despite the Churches doctrinal faults. God's elect are his, no matter where they are. And he choses whom he saves, has mercy on whom he wills.
If you were called in a certain Church, seek God and what he wants from you. If it's a biblical sound Church with faithful leadership by all means remain there. If not, you must seek God's will and your conscience in the matter.
Too many christians try to find a church that "suits" them. But the better way to look at it, is from God's will and his calling. And of course sound churches can have faithless pastors and "unsound" churches can have faithful pastors.​​ But looking at it strictly from a doctrinal point of view, there are denominations that are biblically wrong;
This is not a complete list and doesn't touch fringe churches; the catholic church,(just remember they may have started out right, think of saint augustine of hippo) the jehovah witnesses, the mormons​ and others. For one, you will not be able to find a perfect church. Every church has faults, just like you and me.
This is what I would like to suggest; if you were called in a certain church, don't leave from there, unless God shows you to or your conscience can't take it there anymore. But if you wonder, seek god's will, the bible, trusted christian writers like john bunyan, c. h. spurgeon, marting luther, jonathan edwards, and the like....​
And if God called you apart from a church, or you just moved here from somewhere else, make sure you are led by god's spirit to join the church he wants you to.​ Fellowship is absolutly nessecarry in christian life. If you are not at least looking for christian fellowship, then something is definitly wrong in your relationship with Christ.

Abortion; I believe it is wrong to take a life, and a conceived being inside a woman is life. All these women rights people overlook one simple thing, if you do not want to get pregnant; 1. don't have sex 2. if you insist on having sex anyway, wear protection and all that, so if any woman gets pregnant it's usually because she or he were careless. So now it's time to be responsible; " if you commit the crime, you got to do the time" they say, so instead of taking responsibility for their behavior and actions, people want to take the "easy" way out. Taking a life is not the "easy" way out and ladies that do have abortions, do get affected by it too, no one who does something like that walks away like nothing ever happened. Now of course when it's a life or death situation, for example that the mother will die, or the baby will die, we have to pray and make the right choice according to god's will.
Our president; I strongly believe in what the bible says, to respect the authorities and to give to ceasar what belongs to ceasar, that God instituted the civil order of our country. So just because I may disagree with them, does not give me the right to dissrespect them. I think that's wrong. And we as christians must stay out of politics as much as possible, unless God  clearly leads us that way. because our kingdom is a heavenly one, and we are concerned with spiritual warfare and not worldy warfare and we are seeking a new jerusalem and not looking to set up camp here.
Guns;I understand the constitution, and if everyone was a christian or a responsible citizen, yes by all means let them all have guns. I grew up in a house with rifles, my dad's hobbies were hunting and target shooting. it never interested me personally, and I was never even tempted with those guns in the house, nor even thought of using them. I know the guns are not the problem as such, but guns in the wrong peoples hands is the problem. Alot of times the innocent bystander or child gets killed instead of the bad guy or the intended target. Also every year we hear of youngsters finding a gun and accidentally shooting some one with it. So as a christian, to me the loving thing is; for the good of every one and less innocent deaths, i'm willing to forgo my constitutional right to own a gun and I hope every christian has the same attitude. whatever I can do, to help prevent even one gun death, I'm willing to do. I can understand why some one maybe would want a shotgun in their house, but semi- automatic's I just don't see why any one needs that...and all the conspiracy theorists and one's who want to protect themselves against the evil government, well I've got a Savior and Lord who can really protect them...and protect them from every evil.