Faith + Believing in the Gospels
Here are all the Faith and Believing verses in the Gospels;
The Faith verses in blue and the believe verses in white.‚Äč
8:10 (F) and hearing, Jesus marveled, and said to those following; truly I say to you, not even in Israel did I find so much Faith.
8:13 (B) and Jesus said to the Centurion, go and as you have believed, so let it be to you. And his child was healed in that hour.
9:2 (F) and behold, they were bringing a paralytic lying on a pallet to him. And seeing their Faith, Jesus said to the paralyzed one, have courage child. Your sins have been remitted.
9:22(F) but turning and seeing her, Jesus said; take courage, daughter, your Faith has cured you. And the woman was cured from that hour.
9:28 (B) and coming into the house, the blind ones came near to him, and Jesus said to them, do you believe that I am able to do this? And they said to him, Yes, Lord.
9:29 (F) then he touched their eyes, saying, according to your Faith let it be to you.
15:28(F) then answering Jesus said to her; O woman, great is your Faith, let it be to you as you desire. And her daughter was healed from that hour.
17:20 (F) and Jesus said to them, because of your unbelief. For truly I say to you, if you have Faith as a grain of mustard, you will say to this mountain, move from here to there, and it will move. And nothing shall be impossible to you.

18:6 (B) but whoever causes one of these little ones believing in me to stumble, it is profitable for him that a millstone turned by an ass be hung on his neck and he be sunk in the depth of the sea.
21:21 (F) and answering Jesus said to them; truly I say to you, if you have Faith and do not doubt, not only will you do the miracle of the fig tree, but even if you should say to this mountain, be taken up and thrown into the sea, it will be so.
21:22 (B) and all things, as many things as you may ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive.
21:25 (B) the baptism of John, from where was it, from heaven or from men? And they reasoned among themselves, saying, if we shall say, from heaven, he will say to us, why then did you not believe him?
21:32(B) for John came to you in the way of righteousness and you did not believe him. But the tax collectors and the harlots believed him. And seeing, you did not care afterwards to believe him.
23:23 (F) woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you pay tithes of mint and dill and cumin and you have left the weightier matters of the Law; judgment, and mercy and Faith. It was right to do these, and not to have left those.
24:23 (B) then if anyone says to you, behold here is the Christ! Or, here! Do not believe .
24:26 (B) then if they say to you; behold he is in the deserted place, do not go out. Behold he is in the private rooms, do not believe.
27:42 (B) he saved others; he is not able to save himself. If he is the king of Israel, let him come down now from the cross, and we will believe him.

1:15 (B) and saying, the time has been fulfilled and the kingdom of God draws near. Repent and believe the gospel.
2:5 (F) and seeing their Faith, Jesus said to the paralyzed one, child your sins are remitted to you.
4:40 (F) and he said to them, why are you so fearful? How do you not have Faith?
5:34 (F) and he said to her, daughter, your Faith has healed you. Go in peace and be well from your plague.

5:36 (B) but hearing the word spoken, Jesus said to the synagogue ruler at once, do not fear, only believe.
9:23 (B) and Jesus said to him, if you are able to believe, all things are possible to the ones believing.
9:24 (B) and immediately crying out, the father of the child said with tears; Lord, I believe! Help my unbelief.
9:42 (B) and whoever causes one of these little ones that believe into me to stumble, it is good for him if rather a millstone be laid about his neck and he be thrown into the sea.
10:52 (F) and Jesus said to him; go your Faith has healed you. And instantly he saw again and followed Jesus in the highway.
11:22 (F) and answering Jesus said to them; have Faith in God.

11:23 (B) for truly I say to you, whoever says to this mountain be taken up and be thrown into the sea and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will happen, it will be to him, whatever he says.
11:24 (B) therefore I say to you, all things, as many things as you ask, praying, believe that you will receive and it will be to you.
11:31 (B) and they were reasoning to themselves, saying, if we say from heaven, he will say, why then did you not believe him?
13:21 (B) and then if anyone says to you, behold here is the Christ! Or behold there! You shall not believe.
15:31 (B) and also the chief priests and scribes mocking to one another said likewise, he saved others; he is not able to save himself.
16:13 (B) and going they reported to the rest; not even did they believe those.
16:14 (B) afterward as they reclined, he was revealed to the eleven. And he reproached their unbelief and hardness of heart, because they did not believe the ones who had seen him, having been raised.
16:16 (B) the one believing and being baptized will be saved; but the one not believing will be condemned.
16:17 (B) and miraculous signs will follow to those believing these things; they will cast out demons in my name; they will speak new languages;

1:20 (B) and behold you shall be keeping silent and not able to speak until the day these things take place, because you did not believe my words which shall be fulfilled in their season.
1:45 (B) and blessed is the one believing, because there will be completion to the things spoken to her from the Lord.
5:20 (F) and seeing their Faith, he said to him; man, your sins have been remitted to you.
7:9 (F) and hearing these things, Jesus marveled at him. And turning to the crowd following him, he said; I say to you, I did not find such Faith in Israel.
7:50(F) but he said to the woman; your Faith has saved you, go in peace.

8:12 (B) and the ones by the roadside are the ones who hear, then the devil comes and takes away the word from their heart, lest believing they may be saved.
8:13 (B) and the ones on the rock are the ones who, when they hear, receive the word with joy, and these have no root, who believe for a time and in time of trial draw back.
8:25 (F) and he said to them; where is your Faith? And being afraid, they marveled, saying to one another, who then is this one, that he commands even the wind and the water, and they obey him?
8:48 (F) and he said to her, daughter, be comforted, your Faith has healed you, go in peace.

8:50 (B) but hearing, Jesus answered him saying; do not fear, only believe and she will be healed.
16:11(B) therefore if you were not faithful in the unrighteous wealth, who will entrust the true to you?
17:5 (F) and the apostles said to the Lord, give more Faith to us.
17:6 (F) but the Lord said, if you had Faith as a grain of mustard, you may say to this sycamore tree, be rooted up and be planted in the sea! And it would obey you.
17:19 (F) and he said to him, rising up, go! Your Faith has cured you.
18:8 (F) I say to you that he will carry out the avengement of them speedily. But the son of man coming, really will he find Faith on the earth?
18:42 (F) and Jesus said to him, see again. Your Faith has healed you.

20:5 (B) and they reasoned among themselves, saying, if we say from heaven he will say; why then did you not believe him?
22:32 (F) but I prayed for you that your Faith not fail. And you, when turning back, make firm your brothers.
22:67 (B) if you are the Christ, tell us. And he said to them; if I tell you, you will not believe, not at all.
24:25 (B) and he said to them; O foolish ones and slow of heart to believe on all things which the prophets spoke.

1:7 he came for a witness, that he might witness concerning the light, that all might believe through him.
1:12 but as many as received him, to them he gave authority to become children of God, to the ones believing into his name.
1:50 Jesus answered and said to him; because I said to you I saw you under the fig tree do you believe? You will see greater things than these.
2:11 this the beginning of the miraculous signs Jesus did in Cana of Galilee and revealed his glory, and his disciples believed into him.
2:22 then when he was raised from the dead ones, his disciples remembered that he said this to them. And they believed the scripture, even the word that Jesus said.
2:23 and as he was in Jerusalem, at the Passover, at the feast, many believed into his name, seeing the signs which he did.
2:24 but Jesus himself did not commit himself to them, because he knew all.
3:12 if I tell you earthly things and you do not believe, how will you believe if I tell you heavenly things?
3:15 that everyone believing into him should not perish, but may have everlasting life.
3:16 for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that everyone believing into him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
3:18 the one believing into him is not condemned; but the one not believing has already been condemned, for he has not believed into the name of the only begotten son of God.
3:36 the one believing into the son has everlasting life; but the one disobeying the son will not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him.
4:21 Jesus said to her; woman believe me that an hour is coming when you will worship the father neither in this mountain nor in Jerusalem.
4:41 and many more believed through his word.
4:42 and they were saying to the woman, we no longer believe because of your speech, for we ourselves have heard, and we know that this one is truly the savior of the world, the Christ.
4:48 then Jesus said to him; unless you send he miraculous signs and wonders, you will not believe, not ever.
4:50 Jesus said to him; go, your son lives. And the man believed the word which Jesus said to him, and he went away.
4:53 then the father knew that it was at that hour in which Jesus said to him, your son lives. And he himself and his whole household believed.
5:24 truly, truly, I say to you, the one who hears my word and believing the one having sent me, has everlasting life and does not come into judgment, but has passed from death into life
5:38 and you do not have his word abiding in you, for the one whom that one sent, this one you do not believe.
5:44 how are you able to believe, you who receive glory from one another and the glory which is from the only God you do not seek.
5:46 for if you believed Moses, you would believe me, for that one wrote about me.
5:47 but if you do not believe his writings, how will you believe my words?
6:29 Jesus answered and said to them; this is the work of God, that you believe into him whom that one sent.
6:30 therefore they said to him, then what miraculous sign do you do that we may see and believe you? What do you work?
6:35 and Jesus said to them; I am the bread of life; the one coming to me will not hunger, not ever, and the one believing into me will not thirst, not ever.
6:36 but I said to you that you also have seen me and do not believe.
6:40 and this is the will of the one having sent me, that everyone seeing the son and believing into him should have everlasting life and I will raise him up at the last day.
6:47 truly, truly I say to you; the one believing into me has everlasting life.
6:64 but there are some of you who are not believing. For Jesus knew from the beginning who they are, the ones not believing, and who is the one giving him over.
6:69 and we have believed and known that you are the Christ, the son of the living God.
7:5 for not even his brothers believed into him.
7:31 but many of the crowd believed into him and said; the Christ, when he comes will he do more miraculous signs than these which this one did?
7:38 the one believing into me as the scripture said; out of his belly will flow rivers of living water.
7:39 but he said this about the spirit, whom the ones believing into him were about to receive; for the Holy Spirit was not yet given, because Jesus was not yet glorified.
7:48 not any of the rulers or from the Pharisees believed into him?
8:24 therefore, I said to you that you will die in your sins. For if you do not believe that I am, you will die in your sins.
8:30 as he spoke these things many believed into him.
8:45 and because I speak the truth, you do not believe me.
8:46 who of you reproves me concerning sin? But if I speak truth, why do you not believe me?
9:18 therefore the Jews did not believe about him that he was blind and saw anew, until they called the parents of him, the one seeing anew.
9:35 Jesus heard that they threw him outside and finding him, he said to him; do you believe into the son of God?
9:36 and he answered and said; who is he, Lord that I may believe into him?
9:38 and he said; I believe Lord! And he worshipped him.
10:25 Jesus answered them; I told you and you did not believe. The works which I do in the name of my father, these bear witness about me.
10:26 but you do not believe, for you are not of my sheep, even as I said to you.
10:37 if I do not do the works of my father, do not believe me.
10:38 but if I do, even if you do not believe me, believe the works, that you may perceive and may believe that the father is in me and I in him.
10:42 and many believed into him there.
11:15 and I rejoice because of you, in order that you may believe, that I was not there. But let us go to him.
11:25 Jesus said to her; I am the resurrection and the life. The one believing into me, though he die, he shall live.
11:26 and everyone living and believing into me shall not die to the age, not ever! Do you believe this?
11:27 she said to him; yes, Lord I have believed that you are the Christ, the son of God who comes into the world.
11:40 Jesus said to her; did I not say to you that if you would believe you will see the glory of God?
11:42 and I know that you always hear me, but because of the crowd standing around, I said it, that they might believe that you sent me.
11:45 therefore many of the Jews, the ones coming to Mary, and having seen what Jesus did, believed into him.
11:48 if we leave him alone thus, all will believe into him, and the Romans will come and will take away from us both our place and the nation.
12:11 because through him (Lazarus), many of the Jews went away and believed into Jesus.
12:36 while you have the light, believe into the light, that you may become sons of light. Jesus spoke these things and going away he was hidden from them.
12:37 but he having done so many miraculous signs before them, they did not believe into him.
12:38 so that the word of the prophet Isaiah might be fulfilled which he said; Lord who believed our report? And the arm of the Lord, to whom was it revealed?
12:39 because of this they could not believe, because Isaiah said again;
12:42 yet, however, even out of the rulers, many did believe into him. But because of the Pharisees, they were not confessing, so that they not be put out of the synagogue.
12:44 but Jesus cried out and said; the one believing into me does not believe into me but into the one having sent me.
12:46 I have come as a light to the world that everyone who believes into me may not remain in darkness.
13:19 from now I tell you before it happens, that when it happens, you may believe that I am.
14:1 do not let your hearts be troubled; you believe into God, believe also into me.
14:10 do you not believe that I am in the father and the father is in me? The words which I speak to you I do not speak from myself, but the father, the one abiding in me, he does the work.
14:11 believe me that I am in the father and the father is in me, but if not, believe me because of the works themselves.
14:12 truly, truly, I say to you the one believing into me, the works which I do, that one shall do also and greater than these he will do, because I am going to my father.
14:29 and now I have told you before it is to happen, that when it is to happen you may believe.
16:9 concerning sin, truly, because they do not believe into me;
16:27 for the father himself loves you, because you have loved me, and have believed that I came out from God.
16:30 now we know that you know all things and have no need that anyone ask you. By this we believe that you came out from God
16:31 Jesus answered them, do you believe now?
17:8 for the words which you have given to me, I have given to them. And they received and truly knew that I came out from besides you and they believed that you sent me.
17:20 and I do not ask concerning these only, but also concerning the ones who will believe into me through their word
17:21 that all may be one, as you are in me, father, and I in you, that they also may be one in us, that the world may believe that you sent me.
19:35 and the one having seen has borne witness and the witness of him is true; and that one knows that he says true things, that you may believe.
20:8 then therefore the other disciple also entered, the one having come first to the tomb, even he saw and believed.
20:25 therefore the other disciples said to him, we have seen the Lord. But he said to them, if I do not see the mark of the nails in his hands, and put my finger into the mark of the nails and put my hand into his side, I will not believe, not at all.
20:29 Jesus said to him; because you have seen me, Thomas, you have believed. Blessed are the ones not seeing, and believing.
20:31 but these have been written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the son of God, and that believing you may have life in his name.