Recommended Readings;
1. C. H. Spurgeon, all of Grace
2. John Bunyan, saved by Grace
3. John Bunyan, pilgrims progress​​
4. James Smith, A believers triumph! (no condemnation in Christ, no separation from Christ)
5. Dietrich Bonhoffer, the cost of discipleship
6. Foxes book of martyrs
​7. Saint Augustine; of Grace and free will
8. Martin Luther, commentary on Galatians​
9. Justin Holcomb; on the Grace of God
10. John Calvin, commentary on Romans
11. Martin Luther, commentary on Romans​​​
12. John Bunyan; the doctrine of law and Grace unfolded
13. John Bunyan; Grace abounding to the chief of sinners (his autobiography)
14. John Bunyan; Christian behavior
15. Richard Wurmbrand, tortured for Christ
16. Jonathan Edwards, religious affections​​
17. ​ Jonathan Edwards; Sinners in the hands of an angry God
18. C. H. Spurgeon; GRACE, God's unmerited favor​
19. John Bunyan; the acceptable sacrifice​