God is about a relationship with his creation
MORE TO COME!........
A Relationship with you and me!
How do I know that God wants a Relationship with you and me?
First, consider this; who made you, who made everything? Isn't it God who made everything? God is the creator, the maker of the whole universe.God made everything for a reason, just like artists for example; they create art for a reason, they have a definitive purpose in mind. How much more God, who is the  almighty therefore has a purpose in mind for us. Nobody "creates" something and sets it aside and forgets about it. You could even say that a creation is a sort of extension of the one who created it.
Now back to relationship; ever since God created man, beginning with Adam and Eve, he clearly proved that he wants a relationship with his creation. He talked with Adam and Eve, gave them what they needed, walked in the garden among them. Even after they disobeyed, yes he punished them, but he also clothed them and kept watch over them. He continued his relationship with Cain and Abel and so on. He made a covenant with Noah and Abraham, with Israel and later us. He led the people of Israel out of Egypt and led them through the wilderness to the promised land. Even though many times they grumbled and complained, were rebellious and disobedient to him, he remained faithful, ever mindful of his covenant and his people. No, rebelling and disobeying him is never a good thing, and many perished on the way and did not obtain the promised land because of their unbelief.
And although our sins "wrecked" our relationship with our maker, he even had a "solution" for that; He send his son Jesus Christ to die for our sins - so that now we can have a real personal and ever - lasting relationship with our Maker!