Young sheep testify
On this page, I would like as many testimonies as possible, from our Young Sheep brethren on how they experienced coming to follow Christ after the Young Sheep House or after their Cobu life.
At the Young Sheep House, we had some good and bad times together, but it ended not so well for all of us and I now realize there was something wrong was bound to fail. I was one of the "last" (Noel Beauchamp + Jim DiGiacoma are still there) ones trying to hold on, but eventually, it got way too hard. So after being in and out more than 10 times, after 17 years of being there, by the end of 1999 I left for good. But instead of running to Christ, I ran away from him and wandered around in the flesh for almost 10 years. But God was working on me and reminded me of the scripture;" I will never leave you nor forsake you". So realizing that, I awoke to, that I didn't have to be at COBU or at any place to serve Christ, he is with me, so I can serve him wherever I am! That was amazing! That Grace is the basis of our salvation, instead of those "hard works or efforts" that had been ingrained in me for years, wow, that was also great news to me. God through Jesus Christ showed me a lot of things since then and by his grace I'm in Christ and I have a whole new motivation and desire and drive to follow Christ and be closed to him, coming from what he has done for me, his sacrifice. And I am so thankful that he has become my righteousness, it's amazing! I want you all to know, that the way it ended for us at the YSH, that doesn't have to be the final word, but that Christ is right where you are, come to him, he is our healer, our redeemer, all who come to him, he does not cast out, never. And trust him to change you and lead you his way! Get in touch with us, with have a sort of loose Network of us young sheep brothers, get encouraged, refreshed, fellowship or just talk, Christ is in control of our healing, so come!     bernie epp
Psalm of a Sailor
Advise me O Lord completely, on how to navigate this life.
Not only for myself O Lord, but for my children and my wife.
Deliver me from my own fear of being swallowed by tidal waves.
Rescue me for your name’s sake and the promise that “Jesus Saves”.
Evermore will I praise you and my family will as well 

Faithfully you have assured me through all the storms and swells.
Every time I think of your goodness, I am completely overwhelmed.
Now I realize that while I was at sea, it was you who manned the helm.
To find-out later that you also controlled the wind and the sea.
You humbled me, the way that no one else could, and made a believer   out of me.

Hello to my COBU brothers and sisters,                                                                              (By Marvin Burley)
I would like to share my experience about COBU in a brief statement. I have been reading about peoples experiences that they had there and I believe what they say that they have been through. My experience was different then what I read. I came into COBU when I got saved and met Jesus. I had wonderful experiences with brothers and sisters when I was there. I grew up in the city of Baltimore and didn’t learn how it felt to have people really love you until I met the people from COBU. I went from Baltimore to Philadelphia to NY at Woodruff ave.  I experienced what it was like to pray to Jesus and to share the gospel of Jesus and see many people hear the wonderful good news of the gospel. I learned discipline and accountability. I learned how much God really loved me and felt the presence of God many times while I was there. I had a few experiences with Stewart and Jim Greiner in which they spoke into my life. I was not happy about what they had to say sometimes but the things that they said to me has been issues of my life when looking back on it. In my personal opinion God was speaking through them to me. I left COBU because I was not doing so good in my faith towards Jesus and I couldn’t deal with the conviction of being around God’s people and living in sin. Later in my life I when I returned to Jesus I used the principles of COBU to help me throughout my Christian walk. In summary I would like to say that for me it was a great but temporary experience there and for that I am thankful that God worked that part in my life. I would like to say to those who were ripped off or deceived or hurt in any way to please consider the instructions that our Lord gave us in His Holy Word on how to deal with people that have hurt us or ripped us off. For believers God uses experiences that we go through in life whether it be good or bad for good. Please let God use your life for His good in the remaining days that we have here. If anyone would like to contact me concerning anything I have said please feel free to communicate with me through Facebook or email me at I would be glad to hear your story and to share in detail with you my story. May God bless you.