Young sheep today
God brought us all together, from all over and we spend a year or two together at the young sheep house and/or the Lamb house. Some of us even made it to centers and continued for a while. But sooner or later we all fizzled out. Now we live spread out all over this country and Canada. It is my hearts desire to see us united in following and trusting Christ again, no matter where each one of us are living presently. Wherever you are, you can have a relationship with God and we all can be united in His Spirit. Speaking for myself, I know that Jesus Christ called me to follow Him and all of you were called too, right? I know it did not end well with us at the YSH, we certainly didn't plan it that way, but God knew, God is in control! He has a plan, an eternal design
So I really would like to make sure that none of us "take it out on Jesus" or blame ourselves for  how it ended. I know a lot of us got really affected and our mental blocks are big after our experience and for long we buried it and tried to forget about it...(we tried to "amputate" it out of our lives, as some one has told me..) But we know that doesn't work, we need to find a way to deal with our disappointment and hurt. It took me more than 10 years to realize that Jesus will never fail me nor forsake me. That where ever I am, He is also. Therefore I can come to Him where ever I'm at, whatever condition I'm in, I can draw near to Him, I can trust Him.....Just as I am....
All that the Father gives Me, will come to Me, and him who comes to Me, I will never cast out.
He said; come to me, all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest!
Come to Christ, be covered in his blood, drink from the fountain of life without price, for He paid the price....
Come and be close to Him, that is the safest place for you and me!​​​ Jesus always keeps His word, His promises. He is trust worthy, He will never let you down.​​​

I am of the opinion, that God is stirring up something with
​us YS brethren. Although we were scattered all over the
​place and some continued to follow Christ, but alot of us
​were wandering around and just in the last few years God
​has been calling YS back to himself and bringing us together in Christ. And we have been able to reconnect by phone, by way of Facebook, by reunions, by texts...Wow, that's amazing! I am  convinced that God is behind all this and that he has a marvelous plan! Jesus said out of all the ones the Father has given him, he has not lost one!​

This message to all of our YS brethren;
the view of God and Jesus Christ, that you were left with,
​that is not the way they are.

​Come to Christ, for him to reveal himself to you, and for you to come to know him as the Loving shepherd/Lord/Savior that he actually is. You can have a real relationship with him, based on his Grace, just come and rest by the cross and look to Jesus.
He died for us, while we were his enemies, how much more will he help us to follow him and remain in him.
God doesn't call any one, only to drop them later, that's cruel, that's not his nature!
God doesn't forgive sins, only to punish us for them later, NO!
God doesn't save us and then tell us "it's up to you now, buddy"
He is not a harsh task master.​

He is with us every step of the way, leading us his way, we only walk in the works that He already prepared for us beforehand!
Come to the cross, sit down, remain there, look to him, talk with him, embrace him, lean on him and make him your everything, just as he made us his everything!
Or if you can't do all that just think of Jesus on the cross and why He did that!​

Talk with him, he WILL talk with you! The more you will get to know him, the more you will start to love him and the more you will want to know him.​
God is a very personal God, look he knows how many hairs are on your head, not one of them falls out without him knowing, how much more all the important things....
and he is very personal with each of us.​

How could you go wrong in coming to Christ?
Has he re​jected anyone that ever came to Him? 
I can think of a million reasons for you to come to Christ, can you think of any not to? ​​
Can you think of just one reason not to come to Jesus Christ?​​
He has made the way, He is willing to lead you in it, He is willing to keep you in it and He is willing and able to give you everything you need to remain in Him!
So it's all Him!!! who doesn't want to follow a Lord and Savior like that?

Don't believe me, try Him, take Him by his word. He will not let you down!
Come, get refreshed, come for healing, come for rest, stay for shelter and watch your heart turn soft, watch your desires change, watch you become different.
He is trust worthy!
And if you feel you just don't got it in you, pray and ask him to put it in you!

Come to Him!​​​​​​ And remain close to him!