Good things......
On this page I will touch on things that were good for us at cobu. Although it did not end well, or some had alot more bad experiences than good, there were was positives there too...
First, most of us and probably all of us consider that we got saved by Jesus trough meeting brothers and sisters from cobu at a fellowship house or maybe at an Art Show or at "a big Meeting". We all know that only Jesus Christ can save, no church or individual or prayer or anything else can do that, but only Jesus Christ!
Probably the best thing about cobu for me was meeting  brothers and sisters who believed in Jesus and who loved Jesus and who generally cared  for each other. We experienced things together that made for a lifelong connection to each other. (and in later times experienced abuse together also)
Note; we are no better than the ones still there, it is only by the Grace of God we aren't there anymore and serving God in spirit and truth.
Jesus did very personal and special things for each of us while we were there, by which we knew that he is real, even while in a cult/abusive church.
Here are a few​ examples;
He answered specific​ prayers, He spoke to us, He protected us; in dangerous situations, he helped us find jobs, He revealed things and himself to us, some also met their husband or wife in the fellowship.....
We learned "basic Christianity" and we read the bible a lot and became familiar with it.
Maybe one way to look at it for those of us who were there only for a short period of time is as some sort of "christian boot-camp"​
The singing together to God's glory, whether at "big meetings" or in fellowship houses, centers or on buses was price- less and amazing. Just to hear some fellowships sing at big meetings made going to "big meetings
We leaned how to talk to others about Jesus, witnessing, making Jesus known, the Art-show. Doing it together in unison with other brothers and sisters
We all learned discipline and the value of working hard, and the value of working together, which certainly helped us in life after cobu....
Some of us got to go to Haiti and help the poor and made a real connection with some children there or some of the people there......
And we became aware, after cobu, how destructive and cunning a cult or an abusive "leader" could really be, and learned to never be fooled the Grace of God!
We got to meet Richard Wurmbrand and or Haralan Popov at "big meetings"
We became familiar with John Bunyan's Pilgrims Progress either by seeing the movie at a meeting or by reading the book.