GOD the Father
GOD the Creator
GOD is Love
I was thinking about this for quite some time, and I want to take a little different approach......

God is the one who created us, who has made everything.​

What kind of a relationship does God want with his creation?  

​What kind of relationship do you have with Him?


​Adam, God's first creation as far as us human beings are concerned, broke the relationship he had with God by disobeying his God and Creator. Ever since then, none of us are automatically part of God's family, but we are strangers because of Adam and our own sinning. Therefore our relationship with him is none existent, we are his enemies, we are the children of wrath. He is the the King of Kings, in the end he will take care of his enemies, just like any earthly King would. But in his Love for the world, he send Jesus Christ, his own Son, to die for our sins, so that none of us should die in our sins. Just that alone shows you what kind of God we have. So now through Jesus' death on the cross, we don't have to remain one of God's enemies. We can become God's adopted sons and daughters. We can have a real and a personal relationship with our Creator. Doesn't that show you what kind of God he is? Let's just say, you "choose" to continue in your sins, disregard your creator, live like you are the boss, when you die, what kind of outcome do you think there will be? God's anger and wrath will be upon you. You will not see the loving Father that sent his Son to die for us, or the one that kindly stretched out his hand to you all the while you were busy with other things.... but instead you will experience his power. 
Whatever God does, he does perfectly. He loves with perfect love, he hates with perfect hatred.
Isn't God the kind of God you want to have a relationship with?
Do you want to have a relationship with our creator?​
So what kind of relationship do you have with him?​
GOD's Glory
W​hat is God really all about? GLORY
GOD is omnipotent
God is spirit
   God is all​