How Jesus showed and convinced me that the Holy Spirit wasn't leading at the church of bible understanding
It is only by his Grace that God reveals to any of us or any one who is or was in an abusive church or cult the truth. Any of us could still be "in" or wandering around without our shepherd, we are no better than any of the ones still "in". Let us all remember to pray for anyone in any church that isn't lead by the Holy Spirit.
This is my story, each of us may have a different story, as God knows what's best for each of us and has a plan for each of us. All this happened not in a day or a week or even months, but over a couple of years and I'm still learning.....
One of the first things I realized was long ago while I was thinking of returning to the church, I asked myself; what would happen to you? And I realized that pretty quickly I would be in a situation where I would have to make a decision as to agree or disagree with stewart. I knew, that if I disagreed with stewart, things would not go well with me. I would end up in the "bad group" and no one wants to be in the "bad group". But I knew, I would disagree, therefore no way in the world would I return there....
(not realizing it then, but I was really seeing how you weren't allowed to be an individual there, and that stewart controlled everything) ​​
Next came the scripture; I will never leave you nor forsake you​​​​!
Through that scripture​ Jesus showed me, that wherever I was, Jesus was right here with me, that I didn't have to be in any certain place in order to serve him, but that I can serve him wherever I am, because he is there too!
Next came the reminder/realization; I am saved by his Grace, and only by his Grace! no works or efforts or jumping up and down could do it!​
Next came the scripture; where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is FREEDOM!
(and I just know there is no such FREEDOM there)
Next came that the Holy Spirit is the leader of the church, not the pastor or any other individual​​​, and if it is not so; beware! something may be very wrong!
Next I realized, (Jesus showed me​), that all this judging of each other and divisions that we were doing wasn't biblical at all; that there where many more scriptures about building each other up, the strong bearing with the failings of the weak, that the body of Christ was ONE, not divided, that divisions where of the flesh and not of the spirit!
To be continued......