Keeping the Faith!
What is most important about FAITH?
If you have FAITH or if you don't​​
So how can you know if you have faith or not?
Do you believe that Jesus is the Son of God?​
When you hear his name, hear his word, what kind of reaction is there in you?​
Are you able to believe God's promises?
Do you pray and you have the faith to believe that God will answer you?​​
Besides God's Spirit, Faith is probably the most valuable possession we can have. Faith and God's Spirit is what makes us Christians different from the rest of the world. Faith is given by God to his own.
If you answered the previous questions with a yes, I think that goes to show you must have Faith. Now whether you have a little or alot of Faith is besides the point at this time. The key is that you have Faith!​
The struggle for us Christians,
​the fight of the Faith; is to keep the Faith,
​not to let go, not to give up, or draw back, shrink back, withdraw, fall and fail to get back up. The devil, the world, our flesh and other forces are always trying to get us to give up, trying to get us to doubt, get us to walk by sight instead of by Faith, or they might tell us; it's not going to work, you are too weak, too far gone, too big a sinner....and many more lies like that...