God's "Job" and my "Job"
God is the Actor and We are the Reactors!
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"God helps those who help themselves!" (Right?)
You probably heard that before, maybe even from other Christians?
​This sounds so right, but it's oh so wrong, totally wrong!
What we should consider is;Who is God and who am I?​
What does God do and what do I do?
​​God is the Creator of everything, the universe, the earth, you and me.....
You and I, we are his creation.
Right away this point of view puts everything in perspective! I'm not the great Boss, the all in charge person that I might think I am - matter of fact there is very little I actually control in any real way. The things I think I control, I usually mess up. Really, what I'm best at is messing things up. As we get older we loose "control" more and more....
God has all the power and unless he gives me some - I have none!
So who should I trust and listen to - the creator, the one who has all the power, or me who hasn't created anything and has little to no power?​​​​ Matter of fact I never even lived a life before while God "has been around" forever.
Our job is to hear and follow, and God will take care of the rest. And has already taken care of everything...​

Let's attempt to get a little view of God. Have you ever attempted to multi-task? Like doing a couple things at the same time? It gets pretty challenging, doesn't it? Now think, how we get frazzled or bent all out of shape in those kind of situations. Now God controls billions of situations at the same time - and that's nothing to him, because he controls all situations in all time. He knows the end of a thing before it ever came into being. 
Maybe that starts to give you a view of how "big" God is and how "little" we are, how in control of things God is, and how little to nothing we control.​​​​
In life most of us do a good job at messing our life up. The good news is that Jesus Christ died for our sins, we can become one of God's children, be forgiven and have a fresh start. But this new life is very different from our old life.​
What is a child's part and what are the parents part​ in life?
The parents brought the child into the world​, the child is their responsibility. The are "in charge" of instructing the child, teaching the child, providing everything the child needs...
and out of their love they take good care of ​their child.
How much more God takes care of his children? He who loves with perfect love, surely he provides everything his children need to grow up into mature believers.
And a child, what is his "job"?​​​ To love his parents, to trust them, to obey them, receive instructions.....