Grace on our death bed
When we are on our death beds, or when death comes knocking on our door, what will be the only thing that matters? Remember when we were young and our parents had left us home alone and we had made a big mess, and surprise, they were at the door. We so urgently tried to clean up, but our parents walked in in the midst of our mess and we were caught. Or we had unexpected visitors and we tried at the last minute to straighten everything out...or in school, we had a surprise test and we tried to scramble to get it together. or the last night before the test, staying up all night and studying, trying to make up for all the time we didn't study.
How would we get it together, when death is knocking at the door?​
On our deathbeds, or when death comes calling; there is only one thing that is going to matter​, do you know what it is?
Is it how good a christian I was, or whether I said the prayer, you know. How many good works I did, or what church I belonged to...​...? I wasn't really that bad, was I ?
I believe that Jesus Christ died for my sins, died for me!​
That's the only thing that will matter! 
​​So here we have two things,

1. Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins
2. I believe that!

What else could matter besides that?
You will be at PEACE with those two things in place!​​​​​
The final Grace
The thief on the cross said to Jesus, "Remember me when you come into your kingdom" Jesus answered; "Today, you will be with me in paradise."(before that the criminal had told the other thief; "do you not fear God, for we are receiving punishment worthy of our crimes, but this man did nothing wrong." Luke 23:39-43)
That could be an example of "deathbed conversion"​, but that is rare. 
Throughout history many a man on his deathbed couldn't believe that Jesus died for his sins, even though he knew it to be a fact, but he was not able to believe it.​ And all those self righteous people and those who relied on their good works, on their deathbeds those things aren't any help or comfort to them!
It really is true, that in an emergency we go to what we have always trusted, what we have been doing all along. So it will be either that Jesus died on the cross for me, or I did it my way....
The point is, it starts now, today, believing that Jesus died on the cross for me. And that becoming everything to me (and that's a process, maybe a life long process and maybe not)​​
"GRACE is but GLORY begun and GLORY is but GRACE perfected!"
                                                                             Jonathan Edwards​
It is GRACE at the beginning and GRACE at the end. So that when you and I come to lay on our deathbeds, the one thing that should comfort and help and strengthen us there, is the thing that helped us in the beginning. Not what we have been, not what we have done, but the GRACE of God in Jesus Christ our Lord. The Christian life starts with GRACE, it must continue with GRACE, it ends with Grace. GRACE wondrous GRACE. By the GRACE of God I am what I am. Yet not I, but the GRACE which was with me.
                                                                                                        D. Martin Lloyd-Jones​
Romans 6:23
For the wages of sin is death, but the GRACE-GIFT
​of God is everlasting life in Christ Jesus our Lord.
So you see, Salvation is all of GRACE, from before the beginning to after the end!

I cannot earn eternal life, I cannot earn the crown of righteousness, it's all God's Grace!!! It's all Him!!!
All I can be is what God intended me to be, and that's only by His GRACE!
We react out of thankfulness, we serve o​​​​ur Lord out of thankfulness, we obey Him out of thankfulness and after having done all, say: I am an unprofitable servant- because it is all His GRACE!!!
Did you resist temptation? only by the GRACE of God!
Where you saved? only by the GRACE of God!
Do you have the Holy Spirit? only by the GRACE of God!
Did our Lord Jesus Christ call you? only by the Grace of God​​​​