Life - Lessons
1. Whatever you are going trough, however big the problems get, however overwhelming life might become, whatever your frustrations are, however much you just want to give up - don't, instead;
RUN TO CHRIST, come to Christ or crawl if you have to.​
2. Christ and what he has done for me on the cross, must become my everything.
3. Even with all my problems, there got to be millions of people that have it alot worse than me.
4. God loves me, because he says so and proved it to me and it doesn't depend on whether i feel it or not.
5. There is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus. (Romans 8:1)
6.God found me when I didn't care for him, He saved me and started the good work in me. So how much more is He going to help me now that I'm  starting to love Him.
7. like the homeless person kept singing; JESUS BLOOD NEVER FAILED ME YET, NEVER FAILED ME YET.
    JESUS BLOOD NEVER FAILED ME YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​
9. What's really important is being near my Savior and Lord, that's the safest place for me to be at all times
10. What I do isn't nearly as important as to what I am,  A CHILD OF THE MOST HIGH GOD. A sinner saved by His Grace.
11. What I do is out of THANKFULNESS for what He has done. If it's any other motivation, don't do anything...
12. It's my duty to PRAISE GOD!!!!!!( C. H. SPURGEON SAID THAT )  out of thankfulness, i add.
13. The closer to God i get and the more He reveals Himself to me, the more GLORIOUS and AMAZING He gets.
      And the more in awe I stand and say; who has a God like our God?​
14. My example speaks alot louder than my words ever could. But words may be necessary too.
15. Being led by the Holy Spirit matters a whole lot!